Thursday, 26 February 2015

Goal Setting and thoughts of the future.....


Today is day 5 of my 12 week challenge and of course I had a sneaky-peek on the scales this morning.... already 700gms down! I know I shouldn't weigh too often, but I just wanted to check it out!

My concern is this: I am always fantastic at the beginning of a new weight loss effort (aren't we all?) but I'm worried I will fall off the wagon before the 12 weeks is up. I think we have a halfway point check in, even that seems far away. Need to make sure I keep motivated - I would love to be in the early 90's by the end of the challenge!

Time to do a re-visit of my mini goals:
Goal Weight End of Feb - 102 (Got it! 101.5)
5kg lost this year - 101
5% lost this year - 100.7
Under 100kg
Goal Weight End of March - 98
10kg lost this year - 96
10% lost this year - 95.4

I love goal setting, and I love seeing completed goals (I'm also a checklist person at work), it gives me a sense of completion.

Still toying with what my ultimate goal weight will be. According to BMI I should be under 74kg. The lowest I have been in my adult life is 78. I was reading through my blogs from around that time, and I was so excited about being a 70's girl. Now I just want to get into the 80's haha! I'll get to 85 and decide from there, but I don't think 74 is realistic for me (especially after 2 kids).

Slightly long ramble this morning - obviously had a lot on my mind!


Next Mini Goal: 5kg - 0.5kg to go

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Numbers, Numbers, Numbers

Goal Weight 80kg
Current Weight: 102.2kg
Started my journey on 06/01/2015 – 3.8kg lost so far

So I've lost 900gm since my last blog - that's over 2 weeks, so still following the same track.

I'm trying something a bit different, starting today. A 12 week challenge! I've never done one before, so I'm quite excited about it. I set my goal at 8kg over the 12 weeks, hubby reckons I could lose 12, but my secret goal is 10. 

The plan for the first month looks great. I've got a calorie/kilojoule target, and an exercise plan (which looks completely doable) and I feel totally prepared. Bring it on!

I'm also getting kinda close to double digits again - it will feel so good to be back under 100! I think that is extra motivation at the moment. 

I still haven't decided on an exact goal weight. It will be somewhere between 80 & 85kg, 82 seems to stick in my head as a good number, so if I aim for that, I've got almost exactly 20kg left to lose.

Since I started taking control late last year, I've lost 11kg. And when I lost weight before having this last baby (6 months old now) I lost 30kg all up - but it took far too long. I am hoping that I can lose most of the last 20kg before the end of 2015.

Still concentrating on my steps too - I manage to get to 10,000 most days - good ol Fitbit keeps me motivated!

Numbers, numbers, numbers - funny how it can get a bit all consuming huh? Must remember to continue living life as well!


Next Mini Goal: 5kg - 1.2kg to go

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

It's all about balance

Goal Weight 80kg
Current Weight: 103.1kg
Started my journey on 06/01/2015 – 2.9kg lost so far

Another 900gms gone this week. Feeling good, and in love with my FitBit! I definitely think it's helping - I've been known to do laps around the house to get to my 10,000! Not doing so well on steps today though, as I am at home sick :( Meant to be going out for dinner tonight for our wedding anniversary, so hoping I feel a bit better soon.

Bit surprised that I had a loss this week as we spent the weekend at the in-laws, and I had a wine or 2 every night. BUT I tracked EVERYTHING, and didn't go overboard, so I guess that helped too. Racked up quite a few activity points, but only had 1 weekly left - guess it all balances out?

Bridesmaid duties this weekend, but not drinking so should be sweet. I'm really excited to be watching my bestie marry her perfect match, and I know I'm going to cry (especially during my speech...)

Have a great week lovelies


Next Mini Goal: 5kg - 2.1kg to go

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Planning ahead and realistic goal setting

Goal Weight 80kg
Current Weight: 104.0kg
Started my journey on 06/01/2015 – 2kg lost so far

Yay, another 500gms gone! Which means 2kg lost in January, and I reached my GWEJan target of 104. Happy girl! Obviously I would love for it to be coming off faster, but I also know that 500gms per week is safe & sustainable. Plus at this rate I'll be at my first major goal of 85 soon enough.

On that note, I can't decide what weight to aim for. The BMI range for me is ridiculous. The top of it is 74kg. I got to 78kg before I got pregnant, but it was a bloody hard push to get there, and as soon as I ate a couple of weeklies/missed a gym session, 2kg would jump right back on.

Hubby said I should aim for what I weighed on our honeymoon (apparently I looked good then) and that was somewhere between 82-85kg. I think I'll aim for 85kg (but fit, so exercising at least 3 times a week) and see how I feel. If it's still coming off just by following the plan then I might aim for 80, but if it's consuming my life I might rest at 85 for a bit.

But that's still a good 19kg away, so better not get ahead of myself!

Have set a GWEFeb of 102kg, but will have to work hard as I'm off to in-laws this weekend (usually involves wine & cheese) and then my besties wedding the following weekend - although I'm driving so won't be drinking which will help!

What are your goals for February?


Next Mini Goal: 5kg - 3kg to go

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

A good weigh in and a present!

Goal Weight 80kg
Current Weight: 104.5kg
Started my journey 06/01/2015 – 1.5kg lost so far

Weighed in this morning - 600gm loss! I'm happy with that considering it was birthday week :)

Didn't get to go for a walk last night, but hoping to fit one in today after work - all depends what time hubby finishes work.

In other exciting news - my fitbit arrived today!! I'm so excited about it, I have charged it, added some friends, got it all set up and it's on my wrist. I want to go for a walk now to test it out haha.

Just a small blog today - need to go and figure out how to sync it with my WW tracker...


Next Mini Goal: 5kg - 3.5kg to go

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

My life just got crazier

Goal Weight 80kg
Current Weight: 105.1kg
Started my journey on 06/01/2015 – 0.9kg lost so far

I forgot to WI this morning - yesterday was a holiday here so I thought it was Monday today! Will WI in the morning and report back.

I've got such a crazy few weeks coming up, I'm going to have to work hard to
make sure I stay on track. This weekend is the hens night for a wedding I am
MOH at, but I will be driving, so no dinkies for me - will also dance off a few
calories after dinner ;) Weekend after we go to Canterbury to see the in-laws
for a few days, and MIL ALWAYS has wine at night. Will just have to limit
myself - I will allow myself 1 or 2 because I love having a wine with her!
Weekend after is the wedding!! I have shrunk since the initial dress making,
but not so much that it looks ridiculous - it's a lace-up back so can be
made tighter to fit. I'm not fussed, as long as the bride is happy, I'm happy.

On top of all this my CEO has resigned so I'm going solo at work and
planning massive events for Feb, April & May. AND we are looking for a new
place to live - our current rental is too small with the arrival of kid #2, so
need somewhere a bit bigger.

To keep on track through all of this I will use my Fitbit, WW mobile app, and be going to the gym in my lunch breaks - I have to remember to make myself a priority too!


Next Mini Goal: 5kg - 4.1kg to go

Monday, 19 January 2015

Happy Birthday to me!

Goal Weight 80kg
Current Weight: 105.1kg
Started my journey on 06/01/2015 – 0.9kg lost so far

So I have a confession to make - I didn't track yesterday! But I had a pretty good reason, it was my 30th birthday :) I give myself 2 days a year where I can relax a little - Christmas Day & my birthday - it just so happens that they are less than a month apart!

I didn't go crazy though, although wasn't has healthy as I usually am - waaaay too many carbs, so will be looking to reduce the associated bloat over the next couple of days, and hopefully weigh in will be ok.

Today is a holiday in my city - Wellington Anniversary. So good of them to make my birthday weekend a long one ;) going shopping for a few things, then looking at a new rental this avo, and a good hard walk panned for 4pm with my walk buddy.

Oooooh and my other exciting news - I'm getting a fitbit! I wanted one for my birthday, and we ordered it yesterday, hopefully I'll have it in a few days. It's a FitBit Charge, so it's got all the bells and whistles, and I'm ridiculously excited about it arriving. Ill be adding as many people as I can so if you're a FitBit user, add me:

Let the stepping begin!!!


Next Mini Goal: 5kg - 4.1kg to go