Sunday, 12 July 2015

I'm an 80's girl! And another milestone!

Goal Weight: 73kg
Current Weight: 89.5
Started my journey 01/09/14 - 23.5kg lost

Yess!!! A fantastic 2kg loss! That's the 900gms I put on last week, and 1.1kg more!! I'm almost in a bit of shock. But the most exciting part? I'm an 80's girl!!! It's been a long time since my weight started with an 8, so Im preeeeety excited about it. In the overall scheme of things, I'm 3.5kg over my pre-preg weight, and 11.5kg over my lowest ever.

I also reached another milestone this week - 20% of my body weight has gone!! That's a 5th of my original weight.

So, safe to say, I'm feeling pretty good about myself at the moment. I've been cutting back on the hidden sugars, changing up my breakfast, ditching the coke zero, and increasing the water. 

I got bugger all exercise in last week thanks to disgusting weather (snow) and sick kids. Need to get that back on track this week! My gym buddy (my mum) goes to LA for 3.5 weeks on Thursday, so will have to make sure I keep my regime up without her. No excuses!!

Here's a quick update of my mini goals - ones completed, and my plan to get to goal :)
5kg (108) - September 2014
5% (107.3) - September 2014
10kg (103) - 11/2/15
10% (101.7) - 2/3/15
Under 100 - 16/3/15
15kg (98) - 13/4/15
15% (96) - 27/4/15
12 week challenge #1 (94.2) - 94.0
20kg (93) - 1/6/15
GWEJune (91) - 90.6!
20% (90.4) - 13/7/15
Under 90 - 13/7/15
GWEJuly (88.5)
25kg (88)
12 week challenge #2 (86)
25% (84.7)
30kg (83)
Under 80
30% (79.1)
35kg (78)
35% (73.4)
40kg/Goal (73)

Have a great week


Next Mini Goal: GWEJuly 1kg to go

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

My jeans are falling down!

And that's a good thing! I love non-scale victories, and the need for smaller clothes is a great one.

The current jeans I'm in are a size 16, so hopefully that means I can buy some 14's in the next couple of weeks!!! That's pretty exciting to be honest.

My new plan is going well. I'm munching on almonds, enjoying my smoothies for breakfast, and saying no to fizzy. I've stayed off the scales, and am hoping for a good loss come Monday.

Exercise has been a bit hit & miss this week! Frickin freezing weather, combined with a mental week means so far I've only done 1 walk and 1 strength session. I've got an online pilates class tonight, and a walk scheduled for tomorrow, so all hope is not lost.

If I'm lucky I may be able to get a walk in over the weekend - depending on if hubby is working.

I'm feeling really good mentally too. Coming clean to my boss was a great idea, now I just need to find a new job! I'm sure one will come along soon, things happen for a reason, so I just need to wait for the wait role to appear.

As you can see, I'm full of positivity today! Long may it continue!!

Monday, 6 July 2015

Stress & Weight Loss

Yesterday was a good day! I stuck to my new eating plan, and it went well. I wasn't hungry, I avoided coke zero, and my almonds were a tasty snack.

I did a 4.5km walk at lunchtime, and then a cardio core session for 45 minutes at home last night, so clocked up over 15,000 steps on my trusty FitBit.

So, on to my topic of the day - stress and weight loss. Work has been stressing me out BIG TIME lately. I'm doing way too many night events, and it is taking it's toll on my family life. So this morning, I put on my big girl pants, and told my boss I wasn't happy. There's no way to change the role, so I told her I'd be looking for a new job, and I'm pretty sure she knew that was coming.

I instantly felt my shoulders lift, and the stress slip away. Now that I can see a light at the end of the tunnel, I feel a million times better. I don't have a new job (yet), but I have this one to keep me going, and I don't have to sit here miserable everyday.

I'm beginning to think about what effect the stress might have been having on my weight loss efforts. I definitely eat more when stressed, and apparently stress can make you hold on to weight.

Will be interesting to see what the scales say on Monday!

And yes, I did check the scales this morning, and they had gone down from yesterday! But I'm going to stay off them now until at least Friday morning.

Has anyone else found that stress has an effect on what the scale says?

Sunday, 5 July 2015

A decent gain :(

Goal Weight: 73kg
Current Weight: 91.5
Started my journey 01/09/14 - 21.5kg lost

So there you have it. A 900gm gain. I kinda knew there would be a gain - didn't think it'd be quite that bad, but I'm ok with it. I didn't eat awesomely last week (although not that bad!), but that coupled with my body being stuck on a plateau (I'm pretty sure) equals a bit of a jump.

I got pretty angry about it over the weekend, but I'm alright now. There's no point in getting upset, I just need to change a few things. So I have swapped to smoothies for breakfast (instead of porridge), and plain nuts instead of a fruit/nut mix for morning snack.

The smoothies are more points/calories than porridge, but I think my body had become too accustomed to eating the same thing everyday, so thought I'd change it up a bit. This morning's one was symbio yoghurt, banana, milk, rolled oats & cinnamon. Quite yummy, although I think it needs a touch more cinnamon.

I'm also ditching coke zero again. I don't drink much of it usually, but it crept up again last week, and that fake sugar is not good for my bloating. Back to the water it is!

So a clean slate today, making some changes, and will try not to weigh again for a few days.

Wish me luck!!

To finish off, here are some awesome words from my trainer over the weekend:

"Just remember that even small bits all add up - take some pressure off and enjoy the journey! Look at how far you have come and all the things you can do now that you couldn’t do 6 months ago! 18kg may seem like a long way to go but in reality you ll feel amazing in 8kg time and the last 10kg are just some ‘fine tuning’ - you ll feel really comfortable when you get into that zone.
The reason why we weigh once a week is because during the week so much up and down goes on that it just isn’t an accurate reading when you weigh more often and as I say it does take your body some time to let go every now and again - so next time you step on the scales and they aren’t saying what you want them to - look in the mirror! Look at how awesome you are looking and how beautiful you are and then tell yourself 3 good reasons why this is happening :) - period, fluctuation, irregular toilet, water intake - seriously there are so many things that influence your weight you really really cannot let this drag you down!!! :) You are doing such an amazing job hun!!"

Thursday, 2 July 2015

I haven't weighed in 2 days - must be a record!

I stuck to my pledge! I haven't weighed since Wednesday morning!! I've definitely been tempted, but have not given in. It's kind of odd not knowing exactly what I weigh, but I'm sure it's much healthier.

My eating has been ok, not perfect, but ok. It's been a pretty stressful week, which is no excuse, but hey, I'm better than I used to be!

I'm struggling with breakfast again. I have porridge when I get to work, but by the time I eat it it's usually at least 2 hours after waking up. I think I need to be eating earlier to get my metabolism kick started properly.

So, it's grocery day tomorrow, and I think I'll buy ingredients to start making smoothies again. I can drink them on the way to work, and my hand dandy machine makes them pretty quickly (and in the drink bottle, so no dishes!).

Any suggestions for what I should put in my smoothie?? I get sick of the same old all the time!

Will check in on Monday after WI and let you all know how it went...

Wish me luck!!

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Why do I do it to myself? My scale addiction

We had a family dinner last night, and I knew before I got there that I would probably eat too much, and that the scales would not be my friend today.

I didn't overeat as much as I thought I would, but of course the scales showed a 900gm gain from yesterday. Now I know that I didn't gain nearly a kilo of fat overnight - it will be related to the salt & sugar overload yesterday.

Now, I'm not berating myself for enjoying a family dinner - I will never be one to miss out on a family feast - I am berating myself for getting on the scales this morning.

There was absolutely no need to. It's not weigh in day, I knew it would be bad and not reflective of my actual weight, but still I did it. I completely forgot the pledge I had made to myself about not stepping on the scales for a few days.

I don't need to weigh everyday, but it's like I have an addiction! And I know I am not the only one by far (come on, fess up!).

So I have put a reminder in my phone to not weigh for the next 2 days. It'll pop up on my phone before I get out of bed. It's going to take an insane amount of willpower, but I can't ask hubby to hide the scales, because then I might never get them back. Plus, I need to get in the habit of not weighing everyday, without intervention.

The scales are in a cupboard, so they're not even staring me in the face - it's just become automatic to get them out and hop on right before my shower.

So I pledge this: No weighing until Saturday. 

It's not perfect, but it's a start.

Monday, 29 June 2015

Not quite so angry today - and a progress pic

Thanks for letting me vent yesterday - I needed it!

I had a good think, and although I was annoyed at 'only' 3.4kg in 6 weeks, that is more than half a kilo per week!

And if I do some more maths, I have been actively trying to lose weight for 39 weeks, and have lost 22.4kg, so that's still just over 500gms per week - and that's a damn good rate!

So I need to take a step back, and look at the bigger picture. 500gms a week is not bad, in fact it's pretty damn awesome. There are 25 Mondays until Christmas, which is 25 weigh ins. So if I kept my average up, that'd be another 12.5kg by Christmas time. I've set a goal of being 80kg by Christmas, so that's only 10.6kg. Realistically, that is doable.

So no more moping!! Be happy with 500gms or more each week, and do a happy dance when I get the big losses. As long as the weight is coming off, I'll be happy.

On that note, I'm still DYING to get in to the 80's - come on body, let's do this!!!

Oooh, and I got my halfway pics for my latest 12 week challenge, and I think the 3.4kg is actually quite noticeable! What do you guys think?