Monday, 20 April 2015

Still here and still going strong!

Goal Weight: 80kg?
Current Weight: 96.1
Started my journey 6/01/15 - 9.9kg lost so far

Sorry I've been a bit MIA with my blog - life has been pretty full on! Since I last checked in (about a month ago), I've lost another 2.9kg - so that's nothing to sneeze at! 8 weeks of my challenge have passed, and I've lost 6.1kg so far. Need to lose at least another 1.9kg in the next 4 weeks - but of course I'm aiming for more than that.

Been exercising at least 4 times a week, a mixture of walking & aqua jogging, and I'm really enjoying it. Trying to get as much walking done outside as possible before the weather turns to rubbish.

I still need to work on my eating, I think my losses would be a lot more consistent if I could drop some of my bad habits (hot chips when it's cold, chocolate when I'm sad) - but this is a marathon, not a sprint!

Going to take a quick look at my mini goals:
Goal Weight End of Feb - 102 (Got it! 101.5)
5kg lost this year - 101 (Got it! 16/3)
5% lost this year - 100.7 (Got it! 16/3)
Under 100kg - (Got it! 16/3)
10kg lost this year - 96
Goal Weight End of Apr - 95.5
10% lost this year - 95.4
12 week challenge goal (18/5) - 94.2

Have a great week!


Next Mini Goal: 10kg lost (100gms to go)

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Motivation is Peaking!

Goal Weight: 80kg
Current Weight: 99.0
Started my journey 6/01/15 - 7kg lost so far

Another half a kilo gone for good! Pretty happy with that loss this week as it was shark week! My trainer for the 12 week challenge told me to aim for a kilo but with AF due I knew that wouldn't happen - stoked to have lost at all.

So 4 weeks of the challenge done, and 3.2kg lost over so far. I told the trainer that my goal is to lose 8kg in the 12 weeks, but I'm secretly aiming for 10 (12 would be amazeballs).

I also have a goal of being 98 by the end of March, so i need to go hard out and lost at least 1kg this week. I know I can do it if I'm REALLY good.

But enough about scales, I'm feeling really good, physically & mentally, and I'm starting to notice that my clothes are getting looser. We are due to do measurements in 2 weeks, so it will be interesting to see what they say.

The exercise plan amps up a bit this week - so here is my workout plan:
Monday - 30 min power walk, 5 min cool down
Tuesday - 30 min power walk, 5 min cool down
Wednesday - 10 min warm up, 25 min hill repeats, 10 min cool down
Thursday - 30 min walk, 5 min cool down
Friday - Aqua Jog
Saturday/Sunday 75 min power walk on one of those days

Monday/Wednesday/Weekend are the challenge plan, the rest is just bonus exercise :)

Have to go hard to get those goals!!

Have a great week!


Next Mini Goal: GWEM - 1.0kg to go!

Sunday, 15 March 2015


Goal Weight: 80kg
Current Weight: 99.5
Started my journey 6/01/15 - 6.5kg lost so far

Sorry I have been a bit slack on the blogging front - moving house is so stressful!

Have hit a few mini goals, and lost 1.6kg since my last blog! Feeling really good about my journey at the moment, and my 12 week challenge is really helping.

The biggest news? I HIT DOUBLE DIGITS!!! Woohoo! Nice to not be in the hundreds anymore. Now to make sure the numbers keep going down.

I'm exercising 3-4 times a week, and loving the feeling I get after a good workout - endorphins are awesome :)

Time to revisit my mini goals
Goal Weight End of Feb - 102 (Got it! 101.5)
5kg lost this year - 101 (Got it! 16/3)
5% lost this year - 100.7 (Got it! 16/3)
Under 100kg - (Got it! 16/3)
Goal Weight End of March - 98
10kg lost this year - 96
10% lost this year - 95.4

Feeling pretty happy with my progress so far!

Have a great week!


Next Mini Goal: GWEM - 1.5kg to go!

Sunday, 1 March 2015

1st week of the challenge done!

Goal Weight 80kg
Current Weight: 101.1kg
Started my journey on 06/01/2015 – 4.9kg lost so far

So week 1 of my 12 week challenge went well - 1.1kg loss! I got a bit lower on Saturday morning, but had a slip up with dinner last night, which will have me a bit bloated today. Still happy with 1.1kg though!!

It means I'm only 100gms off 5kg lost though - bugger it! Nevermind, will smash it next week for sure.

Have to squeeze my workout plan in before Friday this week, as we are moving house/cleaning old house on Fri/Sat/Sun. So my plan is this:

Today - Aquajogging (sore muscles, need a recovery session)
Tuesday - 30min powerwalk
Wednesday - 10min warm up, 20min stair machine, 10min cool down
Thursday - 60min powerwalk

Tues/Wed/Thur workout plan is from my 12 week challenge. Today's aquajog is just an extra session. I know that I'll burn some extra kj's doing the move too!

Sent my weight in to the challenge trainer this morning, now to wait and see if I made top 3 biggest losers this week!

Have a great week!


Next Mini Goal: 5kg - 100gms to go!

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Goal Setting and thoughts of the future.....


Today is day 5 of my 12 week challenge and of course I had a sneaky-peek on the scales this morning.... already 700gms down! I know I shouldn't weigh too often, but I just wanted to check it out!

My concern is this: I am always fantastic at the beginning of a new weight loss effort (aren't we all?) but I'm worried I will fall off the wagon before the 12 weeks is up. I think we have a halfway point check in, even that seems far away. Need to make sure I keep motivated - I would love to be in the early 90's by the end of the challenge!

Time to do a re-visit of my mini goals:
Goal Weight End of Feb - 102 (Got it! 101.5)
5kg lost this year - 101
5% lost this year - 100.7
Under 100kg
Goal Weight End of March - 98
10kg lost this year - 96
10% lost this year - 95.4

I love goal setting, and I love seeing completed goals (I'm also a checklist person at work), it gives me a sense of completion.

Still toying with what my ultimate goal weight will be. According to BMI I should be under 74kg. The lowest I have been in my adult life is 78. I was reading through my blogs from around that time, and I was so excited about being a 70's girl. Now I just want to get into the 80's haha! I'll get to 85 and decide from there, but I don't think 74 is realistic for me (especially after 2 kids).

Slightly long ramble this morning - obviously had a lot on my mind!


Next Mini Goal: 5kg - 0.5kg to go

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Numbers, Numbers, Numbers

Goal Weight 80kg
Current Weight: 102.2kg
Started my journey on 06/01/2015 – 3.8kg lost so far

So I've lost 900gm since my last blog - that's over 2 weeks, so still following the same track.

I'm trying something a bit different, starting today. A 12 week challenge! I've never done one before, so I'm quite excited about it. I set my goal at 8kg over the 12 weeks, hubby reckons I could lose 12, but my secret goal is 10. 

The plan for the first month looks great. I've got a calorie/kilojoule target, and an exercise plan (which looks completely doable) and I feel totally prepared. Bring it on!

I'm also getting kinda close to double digits again - it will feel so good to be back under 100! I think that is extra motivation at the moment. 

I still haven't decided on an exact goal weight. It will be somewhere between 80 & 85kg, 82 seems to stick in my head as a good number, so if I aim for that, I've got almost exactly 20kg left to lose.

Since I started taking control late last year, I've lost 11kg. And when I lost weight before having this last baby (6 months old now) I lost 30kg all up - but it took far too long. I am hoping that I can lose most of the last 20kg before the end of 2015.

Still concentrating on my steps too - I manage to get to 10,000 most days - good ol Fitbit keeps me motivated!

Numbers, numbers, numbers - funny how it can get a bit all consuming huh? Must remember to continue living life as well!


Next Mini Goal: 5kg - 1.2kg to go

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

It's all about balance

Goal Weight 80kg
Current Weight: 103.1kg
Started my journey on 06/01/2015 – 2.9kg lost so far

Another 900gms gone this week. Feeling good, and in love with my FitBit! I definitely think it's helping - I've been known to do laps around the house to get to my 10,000! Not doing so well on steps today though, as I am at home sick :( Meant to be going out for dinner tonight for our wedding anniversary, so hoping I feel a bit better soon.

Bit surprised that I had a loss this week as we spent the weekend at the in-laws, and I had a wine or 2 every night. BUT I tracked EVERYTHING, and didn't go overboard, so I guess that helped too. Racked up quite a few activity points, but only had 1 weekly left - guess it all balances out?

Bridesmaid duties this weekend, but not drinking so should be sweet. I'm really excited to be watching my bestie marry her perfect match, and I know I'm going to cry (especially during my speech...)

Have a great week lovelies


Next Mini Goal: 5kg - 2.1kg to go